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Retro Review of the 55th Anniversary of 1966 Batman Movie: Dumb as Always


Robin Bertha Ward in a suit is in shock with his mouth wide open when Adam West's Batman puts his hands on his hood in disbelief.

Our senses are exactly, Dynamic Duo.
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Even if you know what to expect by watching 1966 Batman: The Movie today shocking. After years of clashing with serious, tough, big-budget superhero glasses, it is difficult to imagine a film as innocent and self-conscious as based on the popular TV show… Everyone involved in the game is so caught up in stupid completely aware that this is complete nonsense, that the result is not just a time capsule of another era in comic history, but a reminder of why comic-book movies are generally good.

Released July 30, 1966. Batman: The Movie—Dunder the direction of Leslie H. Martinson and written by Lorenzo Semple Jr. –came out between in the first and second seasons of a popular TV show, which itself lasted three seasons, from 1966 to 1968. I was only born in 1980, so obviously I only knew about it a few decades later. But growing up in80s and ‘90s, especially with Tim Burton Batman films that arouse interest in the character, the original show was shown a lot on television. And I watched it a lot. And in the end I saw the movie. But this was probably the last time I saw him before this week to celebrate his 55th birthday. Sure, I’m not with not just nostalgia for showbut there are still many decades of superhero baggage to look at. What’s important to mention here, because heck. I knew Batman: The Movie was going to be campy – the is show mannered, tmemes and pop culture references from the movie (bomb, shark, etc.) I got ready to maneuver, but It’s gone much more than that

IN Batman: The Movie, Adam West and Bert Ward as Batman and Robin, as well as their alter ego Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. But instead of fighting one supervillain …like every week on TV –the four biggest opponents unite against them: Penguin (Burgess Meredith), Catwoman (Lee Meriweather), Joker (Cesar Romero), and Riddler (Frank Gorshin). This alone is worthy of a movie and a good level above what you would get on TV… Hence the plot is too complex to be explained. Busually, in villainswho call themselves United Underworld –have an overly complicated plan to take over the world, which Batman and Robin continue to interfere with. The whole thing plays out a little incoherently, the film almost mirrors the TV show as the villains create complex schemes. only to fail over and over again, leaving the big picture in the background.

Anyone who watches a regular movie with a plot that was it confusing and filled with so many tangents would probably just drop it. the beauty Batman: The Movie what’s this done with such joy, this entertaining anyway. You can’t help but COLUMBIA REGION marvel at the absurdity of everything that happens, driven by the sublime performances of all the villains. Because make no mistake, while West and Ward are great as Batman and Robin, they are the villains make the movie as fantastic as the show. Either the distinct, joyous laughter of a Riddler or Joker, as Catwoman always lays out her Rs in a “purr, or penguins …everything, everything is just a delight. Then there’s the fact that they are all like that So is poor at being supervillains. Seriously, every ridiculous scheme is too complicated, every chance to kill Batman and Robin takes too long, every riddle is too dumb to relate to anything. But the actors are so passionate about these characters that everything works.

Name a more iconic duo.  Will wait.

Name a more iconic duo. Will wait.
Photo: A fox

If everyone in the film didn’t believe how ridiculous it was, it wouldn’t be. should work; las the opening scene where Batman is hanging on the stairs by a Batcopter and is being bitten by a shark, so he asks Robin to bring him a shark repellant spray that they accidentally have.… Or how this spray, along with everything else, is perfectly labeled everywhere, even in their own home. Or how Robin and Alfred follow Bruce on a date and always have a camera with a perfect frame close at hand, and you will be uncomfortable when he starts touching him with his nose. Or when four of the deadliest villains in the world stand in a room with a huge gun and no one notifications. Seriously, you can go on and describe all the incredibly ridiculous scenarios that take place in the film and you never get bored.

What, of course, is the point. This film cannot be taken seriously. Batman running around with a lit bomb and constantly finding people or objects in his path that prevent him from getting rid of them doesn’t have to be dramatic. It must be funny. The entire movie puts the “comic” in the “comic”. All super-in-supreme absurdity, ineptitude, absolutely impossible things that happen, are specially created to make you revel in their fun. When Batman and Robin accidentally bump into a foam convention, it’s so transcendental that you have to love it.

Basically, every scene on some level it looks like it. Batman fights a cat in a submarine. He and Robin just happen to own A supermolecular dust separator to bring the world leaders back together again. Several shots of Bruce Wayne pulling on the instant costume changer. Bruce and Dick wear their suits even when they’re alone. Inappropriate video footage of different countries waiting for Batman and Robin to revive their world leaders. Indeed, watching Batman: The Movie after a long absence, it felt like standing on the beach and wave after wave of wild, funny things come crashing down on me over and over again. The modern viewer would not stand anything like this in the image of the characters in this statue.E. Christoper Nolan Batman movies or Todd Phillips’ Joker so far removed that putting them in one category is almost a disservice to all of them. But I’m glad that they all exist, and I’m glad that this incredible remedy for cleansing the taste of stupidity is something that after more than half a century still works miracles.

Briefly about the film.  Or, better to say, the effect of an exploding bomb.

Briefly about the film. Or, better to say, the effect of an exploding bomb.
Photo: A fox

Assorted reflections:

  • Although the film is only 100 minutes long, I feel like a good 10-15 minutes could be cut from some of the big budget scenes –mostly those related to Batcopter and Batboat… Each is cool, but we don’t need two minutes of flying or jumping on water every time we see them.
  • Also, cut out the torpedoes that are firing from the Penguins submarine. There are so many torpedo scenes. Penguin submarine and five people need assert it every time… It’s excruciating.
  • Same, cut out the entire subplot where the Penguin dresses up as a human and returns to the Batcave. It’s like a 10-minute scene that’s just for tweaking how the dehydration gun works, but we’ve already seen how it works and it goes on forever with zero recoil.
  • You could also save a few minutes if the villains didn’t celebrate every time they thought they had killed. Batman and Robin. There are many.
  • If these villains wanted to do some damage, maybe they should use those rockets that they shoot very, very well to kill people instead of exploding into the clouds, solving riddles.
  • The scenes with Adam West as Bruce Wayne are interesting in that they show how he struggles with a secret identity, which gives the film some depth, as well as how much more comfortable West seems to be in the role of Batman, rather than Bruce. All the scenes with Bruce are very, very awkward.
  • Everything about the film is clearly outdated, but there is little worse than the headlines about Bruce Wayne’s kidnapping. They read “The Kidnapping of Bruce Wayne and His Companion” and then “Lovely Girlfriend Captured in Brazen Kidnapping.” I’m glad she was just his companion, and her appearance was more important than anything else. But hey, that was the 1960s, which is basically what can be said about the whole movie.

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