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Razer mobile gaming cases promise to keep your fingers cool

Razer Gaming Sleeves

Image: Razer

Look, I admit that sweaty thumbs aren’t even among my top 10 problems while playing, but for those worried that thumb sweat might ruin your KDA Fortnite or Call of Duty: Mobile (????) then Razer will take care of you.

Razer calls them Game Finger Sleevesbut look at the photo above and let’s call these things what they really are: thumb condoms.

Razer says its $ 10 mobile gaming thumb condoms, which are gray with neon green reflections and are made from a blend of nylon, spandex and silver fiber fabric, are “woven with high-sensitivity silver fiber for better aiming and control.” while “Our breathable sleeves keep your fingers deadly cool in the heat of battle.” I’m not sure whose fingers sweat profusely when playing. Fortnitebut, okay!

Critical, unlike latex finger cribs online You can see in a doctor’s office or use Razer’s Conductive Silver Fiber Play Condoms to allow your smartphone to recognize your thumbs and also “reduce friction” for “maximum accuracy.” It’s also important to note that while Razer claims that its gaming condoms are compatible with “most mobile gaming devices,” there is a chance the sleeves may not work right on your phone, or may not be as useful on older gaming handhelds. such as Nintendo 3DS. which uses a resistive touchscreen instead of the more modern capacitive touchscreen display.

Razer Gaming Sleeves

Image: Razer

Razer’s gaming cases are only 0.8mm thick, but it will almost certainly have to do a little bit of learning for anyone accustomed to gaming. au naturel… But Razer says its thumb condoms are versatile and we’ll stop there.

Razer’s mobile gaming sleeves are all about wicking moisture away from your fingers and toes, and letting others know that you are not a casual gamer. And while the silvery fiber of the sleeves may not be beneficial when playing games with a controller or keyboard, there is nothing stopping you from using them when playing on consoles or playing PC games.

You only get a pair of sleeves in each $ 10 pack, so you may need to buy a couple of extra pairs if you feel the need to protect additional numbers from the dampness hazards of playing. Unfortunately, people who are concerned that sweaty palms can affect your grip may need to look elsewhere. But listen, maybe Razer is testing water before making full-fledged gaming gloves in the future.

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