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Puma releases official Animal Crossing sneakers and apparel

Colorful, character-filled island life simulator from Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons lends itself to product collaborations. At his heels Uniqlo and crossovers “Monopoly”, this game is exposed to shoe processing. Puma launches the Animal Crossing collection of sneakers and apparel. The company teased the new blob on Twitter with an image featuring the Puma and Animal Crossing logos. Subsequently, Nintendo retweeted the teaser with the caption “Something new is on the horizon.”

Soon, images of this collab began to circulate on the Internet. This is the silhouette of Animal Crossing x PUMA Wild Rider from the top through Freaker SneakersNew sneakers are reported to be coming soon. Fan site The world of animals crossing the world Also shared an image of a hoodie from a crossover. The collection is finished in pastel blues and greens, and the sneakers also add light and dark browns to create a natural ambience.


Unsurprisingly, Puma has teamed up with laid back gaming in its new range. Animal Crossing: New Horizons was a huge hit for Nintendo. According to some, it was the third most-sold game in 2020. appraisalsand continues to attract players to this day.

In the past, games and fashion were mixed. We’ll let you decide if Nike sees you. League of Legends assortment or Adidas and Ninja sneakers. While Puma had previously dropped Mario collab and clothing line Sonic.

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