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Prime Video Renews The Peripheral: Sci-Fi Chloe Grace Moretz

Image: Courtesy of Prime Video

Was many things to enjoy O Prime Video Season 1 Peripheral, including its smooth yet bleak vision of the future (both near and far) and its strong protagonist in Chloe Grace Moretz. It wasn’t so great its confusing season finale— but with today’s news that the show will have a second season, we’ll have more opportunity to dive into its complex ideas.

According to a press release from Prime Video, the second season of the series adaptation by William Gibson officially on the way. “We’re thrilled to continue our journey in Season 2 and delve deeper into the incredible world Gibson has created,” said Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, whose company Kilter Films is co-producing the series; you can recognize their names from their work on Western world. “On behalf of [creator and showrunner] Scott Smith, [director] Vincenzo Natali and the whole team, we are grateful to our partners at Amazon and, above all, to the fans.”

Peripheral follows Flynn (Moretz), a young woman living in rural North Carolina in the near future, who uses her virtual reality gaming talents to earn extra money to support her family. It’s a lucrative job that, unbelievably, ends up linking her to valid the future thanks to technologies developed then with an eye to changing the past. Things soon get violent and messy in both time periods when Flynn and her brother (midsommarJack Raynor) slip between decades, entangled in a murder mystery and dodging a ruthless killer, among other unsettling events.

The first season ended with Flynn outsmarting the power-hungry villain from the future (who was delightfully played by The Haunting of Bly ManorT’Nia Miller) and teaming up with a police officer (Alexandra Billings), also in the futureto try to avert a catastrophe that changed the course of human history. So there is a lot to tell in the second season! The first season cast also included Gary Carr, Eli Gorey, Louis Hertham, JJ Field, Charlotte Riley, Adelind Horan, Alex Hernandez, Cathy Leung, Julian Moore-Cook, Melinda Page Hamilton, Chris Coy and Austin Rising. Of course, the characters survived the first season, but you have to understand that the main players, including Moretz, will return to continue.

There is no information yet on when Peripheral may return, but 2024 seems to be the earliest possible bet.

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