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Please Give All The Prizes To This Awesome Game


Twice a year, u #PitchYaGame Awards calls on the world’s independent game developers to share their latest creations, with numerous awards given to the best entries. The last call to the entrance was yesterday, and it included one wonderfully original game called Viewfinder it’s a part Portal, part Inception, with a trait of Pokémon Snap, and I will raise hell if I do not win.

Describing how Viewfinder it’s not easy to play, it’s best explained simply by watching one video of this in action, please feel free to jump up to the clip embedded below. In their current form, players are immersed in abstract 3D worlds and are challenged to navigate a level from a first-person perspective, but countless obstacles stand in their way, including seemingly impassable gaps and inescapable structures.

Players are not equipped with traditional weapons or construction tools to help them, but they have access to a Polaroid-like instant camera that can be used to take 2D photos of the game world itself. It’s nice for souvenir collectors, but the instant photos they take can also be held up and superimposed on what the player sees in the game, at which point the 2D image will become physical structures incorporated into the game as part of the 3D world to explore.


Viewfinder it’s also reminiscent of another puzzle game called Scribblenauts who rely in the same way on a player’s ingenuity by having him summon almost any object or tool to solve a challenge by simply writing his name in a booklet. In Viewfinder, the instant camera takes the place of that notebook but it offers almost an infinite number of ways to solve a challenge, although at the same time it can potentially introduce new ones depending on what you end up adding to that 3D world.

Watching video of Viewfinder in action, even if the game isn’t over yet, brings back fond memories of our first exciting looks at Valve Portal years ago, that brought some much-needed innovation to the genre of first-person shooter that didn’t just involve bigger guns and bigger, worse enemies to make jump. Completing Viewfinder he doesn’t need a quick dime, but ingenuity, imagination and passable photography skills.

Its creator, Robot Turtle, is a game studio founded by Matt Stark company, Fern Turtle Games, in collaboration with Robot Teddy. At the moment Viewfinder is the working title of the game, which may or may not change once the game is officially released for PC and console. Unfortunately, there isn’t even a final release date, but since the game seems to be on its way, at least in terms of gameplay, we’re happy to let its creators take as much time as it needs to convey what we hope will be an experience extraordinary.

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