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PlayStation 5 owners now get six months of free Apple TV +

Apple is clearly determined to increase the number of viewers and TV channels now that more Ted Lasso on the way, including on other platforms. PlayStation 5 Owners now get Six months of free Apple TV + service, whether new or existing (excluding Apple One subscribers). That’s a pretty long trial – even Apple device buyers only get three months before they have to start paying.

There are several tricks. You will need to activate the offer through PS5 and you will need to remember to cancel if you don’t want to pay $ 5 per month after half a year. The promotion is only available until July 22, 2022 in eligible countries (including most countries in America, Europe and Asia). And of course, it doesn’t help much if you’re a PS4 owner who doesn’t want (or can’t) update.

The offer may still be timely. This will clearly help if you want to look Ted Lassoseason two, but it also ensures that you can watch Morning show second season foundation and other major Apple TV + premieres for free. Apple, of course, hopes that you will be so enamored with this content that you will be willing to pay when the trial finally ends.

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