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Peloton’s Tread + temporarily needs a subscription, but a solution is in place


has temporarily moved Tread + ‘s basic running mode back to a payment wall for security reasons. However, the company waives subscription rights for three months while working on a repair to make the Just Run mode available without a subscription.

Owners of the treadmill, which costs up to $ 4,000, were previously able to select a “Just Run” option so they could use the machine without having to pay for the $ 39 subscription. Membership includes live classes and other training functions.

A recent update moved the Just Run button behind Tread Lock, which is a security-only feature for subscribers. A few were injured and one died have been reported in connection with Peloton’s treadmills.


Peloton added the Tread Lock passcode feature “to secure Tread + against unauthorized access.” In May, the company of their treadmills in the United States and Canada. As part of an agreement with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Peloton also said it would no longer sell Tread or Tread + in the US after safety concerns.

The company “is working on Tread Lock upgrades that will allow us to make Tread Lock and Just Run available without a Platoon Member.” He said raises membership fees for everyone for a few months so they can use their Tread + in the meantime.

However, some users have expressed anger over the move. According to , one suggested that his Tread + would be “a paperweight” without a subscription, and others . While Peloton does the right thing by giving users a free Tread + subscription, the controversy shows that the company could have done a better job communicating with customers about this change.

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