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Peloton wants to take over your company’s fitness plan


Membership in the gym does not have many advantages for the company after the pandemic, however Platoon thinks it can offer a strong substitute. The company has svilatu a Corporate Welfare offer that allows companies to offer Peloton Digital and All Access Grants, not to mention personalized company features and “exclusive benefits” for related products. You can pay little to nothing to use a Peloton pass at home, at least if you don’t need a bike or treadmill.

Peloton was eager to announce the possibilities for employee engagement – you can use Planned Sessions to invite co-workers to joint fitness classes.


The company already has several major customers for Corporate Welfare, including Accenture Interactive, Samsung, SAP and Sky.

There is no mystery behind Peloton’s strategy. This could increase subscriber numbers, and not just in the short term. You may be tempted to sign up if you lose access to Peloton after changing jobs. It could also fuel more sales of exercise machines for companies and staff who want the “full” Peloton experience. However, it could be appreciated in an era where plans to return to the office they often involve working out at a distance – you don’t have to travel to the gym just to make full use of your health benefits.

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