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Peloton treadmill owners will be able to run again without a subscription

Following a series of accidents on the Tread + treadmill, Peloton temporarily moved the base mode of Tread + per pay to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access. Now all users will be able to use the “Just Start” feature without a subscription and will still be able to block it with a pin code, the company said. Facets

Peloton has recalled its Tread and Tread + treadmills in the US and Canada after several reports of injuries and one death. The company subsequently released a software update that required a password to use native mode, but this feature was only available to subscribers. To offset this cost, Peloton gave users a three-month free subscription with the promise of an update soon.

The protector lock feature locks the device if you haven’t used the treadmill for 45 seconds and haven’t been in class. You then need to enter a four-digit code before you can use it again. The goal is to prevent inexperienced users, especially children, from accessing it after 29 reports of child injuries, including second- and third-degree abrasions and bone fractures.

While the upgrade was inconvenient for non-subscribers who purchased devices over $ 4,000, Peloton did allow basic work to be done without paying. As part of the recall, Tread + owners can receive a full refund if they choose to return their treadmills by November 6, 2022. according to US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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