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Oura smart ring is finally perfectly round

New Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon in Rose Gold.

Image: Oura

For optimal functionality sleep and fitness tracking Oura Ring has so far relied on a raised plateau design that makes it obvious to users how it should be placed on the finger. For those who want something a little more elegant, today the company introduced new version of Oura Gen3 smart ring called Horizon. it Oura’s first ring was perfectly round.

Fitness trackers have been popular for over a decade, but in recent years their functionality has found its way into more capable smartwatches that have gradually evolved into health trackers through the use of sophisticated sensors that can measure heart rate, body temperature, and even blood oxygen levels. blood. These wearables have also been useful tools for tracking the quality of a user’s sleep, but the move from simpler wristbands to sophisticated smartwatches has made these devices less comfortable to wear throughout the night, and quite often they need sleep time to recharge.

Oura Health has managed to squeeze smart fitness and health tracking devices into a wearable that’s not much thicker than a regular ring, so it’s easy to wear while you sleep. The most recent version, ie. Ring of Ur, generation 3, announced in October last year, offers up to seven days of battery life, so daily overnight recharging isn’t necessary. With improved sensors, it promised everything from better health and sleep tracking to period predictions based on consistent body temperature readings.

Five different color options for the new Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon.

Image: Oura

Ring of Ur Gen3 was the same size and weight as its predecessor thanks to the use of durable yet lightweight titanium, but it also had the same flat top design, making it more of a fashion accessory than a health tracker. To make the Gen3 even more inconspicuous when worn, the new Oura Gen3 Horizon for the first time eschews this approach and instead has a perfectly round design that looks more like a simple wedding ring, but without sacrificing any features or functionality.

New Oura Ring Gen3 Horizon in Rose Gold.

Image: Oura

Oura Gen3 Horizon available today through the company website in silver, black, hidden, gold and – for those who are not ashamed to be simple – in rose gold colors. But the upgrade comes with a price increase from $299 for last year’s Oura Ring Gen3 to $349 for the new Horizon. The new version also brings forward Gen3 subscription fees: the first six months are free, but after that the price jumps to $6 per month for those who want the full experience and access to all the features available in the companion app. .

Update: September 28, 9:41 am EST.A: The price of the monthly subscription fee was incorrectly listed as $7.00./monthand has been updated to $6 per month.

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