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Old video game explaining Morpheus’ death

In a promotional screenshot for the video game The Matrix Online, a payer looks down the streets of the Matrix mega-city while another character stands on the lower rooftop.

Enter the Matrix and have fun like it’s 2004.
Image: Monolith Productions / Warner Bros.

When the third Matrix movie Revolution, released in 2003, the heyday of the series at the box office was supposedly done As you well know, in the era of franchised blockbusters, nothing has passed, and now before fourth Matrix cinema… But the last sequel was never the next chapter of the tale after Revolution-It was Matrix online.

This is what the Wachowskis considered as a continuation of the world they had created back in 2005. over their trilogy of films: a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which users portray themselves as newly self-realized people who have been thrown into Megapolis, the digital center of the cityscape of the Matrix itself, after the events Revolution… The series ended with a series of Matrix reboots, interrupted by a truce negotiated by Neo between the human remains in Zion and the Machine City. Matrix online arises after the resumption of the conflict between humanity and machines – what, if what mysterious glimpses Resurrection we have seen so far indicates whether have far-reaching ramifications in the new film.

What happened Matrix online?

Originally created by American video game developer Monolith Productions – and after being released under the supervision of Daybreak Studios and Sony Online Entertainment – as an MMORPG in the spirit of Everquest and World of warcraft, Matrix online launched in 2005 with the blessing of Lana and Lilly Wachowski as a “legacy” Matrix story line. With the structure and cycle of building the world of the cinema, set out in Rebooted and Revolution, Matrix online was almost as close as audiences were about to get to a new chapter in the franchise – the Wachowskis were over, the cycle of conflicts covered in the original films came to an end. But the game presented immediate consequences Revolution‘the end, and in four years of work, the storyline Continuation, which unfolds over weeks, months and years, paved the way for a renewal of the cycle of conflict.

Players in Matrix online– referred to as “Red pills. ”Awakened humans, realizing the false nature of the Matrix, could join one of three emerging factions that emerged in digital reality. Two of them were the obvious choice: one faction was Zion himself, the last surviving human city in the real world, fighting to protect the Red Pills and its safety both within and outside the Matrix itself. Others were the Machines, humans who had joined the masters of the Matrix in order to maintain the current status quo and to prevent the crossfire of the Bloodill humans, who were still unaware of the true nature of the Matrix. The third faction was more of a wild card, the Merovingians, working with a character from the film to avoid proxy wars between Zion and the Machines and to protect the self-aware Matrix programs in the process.

This conflict arose mainly exactly where Revolution Stopped: Zion wanted to retrieve Neo’s body after being left in Machine City, but the Machine faction had no idea what was wrong with his physical form. When the game was finally closed in 2009, much of its living history was lost, and the story reached a climax that players will never see … perhaps still. It depends if Resurrection really sees that Lana Wachowski is committed to the idea that the events of the game matter to the wider Matrix Universe.

What happened to Morpheus and Neo in Matrix online?

At the beginning Matrix onlineMorpheus plays an important role in Neo’s quest for fitness. He also helped players rebuild fragments of Neo’s Residual Self-Image, or RSI (a term for the digital avatar that humans inhabit in the Matrix) so that they could be reforged to bring the legendary One back to digital reality. However, Morpheus ultimately left all three faction bases and, in an attempt to force Machine City to return Neo’s body, began planting “code bombs” throughout the Matrix. While the bombs are harmless to the digital forms of the iridescent players, they would reveal the code of the Matrix itself to blue eyes in an attempt to awaken them to a false reality and further destabilize the control of the Machines, and possibly completely disable it.

All three factions sought to either prevent Morpheus from ending the truce that Neo fought for, or to protect the code bombs when they exploded, in the hopes that this would create more red pills. Then there was a major turnaround. A mysterious disguised program, known only as the Assassin, appeared and apparently killed Morpheus. Each faction denied any involvement in the hit, but they all briefly banded together in an attempt to find out who exactly killed him – of course, this did not last long. As the relationship collapsed, there were even more extreme factions in the game that players could join as the conflict between Sion and the Red Machine Pills grew even hotter. There were Zion’s neighbors “E Pluribus Neo”, or EPNs, who believed in revealing the truth of the Matrix simulation to everyone, and the Cypherites, machine-oriented red pills, who wanted their knowledge to be erased and returned to the world of the Matrix.

Eventually, the game’s storyline once again came close to open conflict between Zion and the Machines when the latter discovered the existence of a new human city built in secret, aptly named New Zion, which Zion’s generals believed to be home to eternal humans. a growing number of people freed from the Matrix. But what was about to happen in the battle was never seen. Low Followers Lead to Sony Online Entertainment Shutdown Matrix online in early August 2009. At the same time, the remaining players received the message “Wake up!”, But their avatars suddenly began to scream and convulse, distorted into broken shapes before the game service officially shut down for good.

What might have happened between the various factions when the conflict became open and Neo’s truce was broken, and what actually happened to Neo or Morpheus was still the subject of intense speculation. Some players believed in certain quests. Matrix online suggested that Neo reincarnated into a new form, a woman named Sarah Edmontons – an anagram of Thomas Anderson, named Neo in the Matrix – briefly referred to as miraculously emerging from a coma before disappearing. Another plot after killing Morpheus saw EPN operatives appear to be trying to locate a badly damaged piece of Morpheus’ own RSI, but Matrix onlinethe reduction in functions meant that these topics were never discussed in the end.

How Matrix online Snap to The Matrix: Resurrection?

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Screenshot: Warner Brazzers.

It’s hard to say now. We know that Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann-Moss are returning as potentially new versions of Neo and Trinity (especially in the case of the latter given we saw Trinity’s death in the midst of Revolution) already seems to suggest that a new cycle of conflict between the City of Machines and humanity has begun, including with a rebooted Matrix. Many have also already assumed that Yahya Abdul-Matin II is playing a new version of Morpheus in Resurrection– original actor Laurence Fishburne, as far as we know, will not return for this film – suggests that the events that took place in Matrix online it is believed that it did happen, and that the version of Morpheus that we knew in the last cycle did indeed die. In addition to killing Morpheus, the game also established that player characters themselves can die (unlike movies) without their human “I” in “real world “creature they are threatened with the death of their avatar in the Matrix. Perhaps then, The “death” of Morpheus is potentially less significant, and the version we meet in Resurrection may just be the last RSI of the real Morpheus.

What this new version is, and if they really are Morpheus, as they call themselves, remains to be seen – we’ll have to wait Resurrection release on December 22nd to see how much Matrix online the code lives in it.

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