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Oculus update enables Quest headsets to automatically sync VR media to mobile devices

Oculus is rolling out an update for its Quest VR headsets that includes several tweaks and improvements. A highlight is the ability to automatically sync saved photos and videos directly to the Oculus mobile app. This way, you can manage and share your game shots when you are outside the headset.

You can activate this feature by opening the Files app from the Quest app library and selecting the cloud icon in the top-right corner of the panel. After that, the saved files will be available in the “Synchronized Media” section of the “Devices” tab in the mobile application. Oculus says the media will be out of sync and automatically removed from the app after 14 days.

The last improvement is for saved media. In the v29 update released earlier this year, Oculus introduced the Browser app that lets you upload and download files to websites, making it easier than connecting your headset to a PC.

Additional features include the ability to gift games directly from your headset – a process that was previously limited to browsers or the Oculus mobile app. You can now also interact with your Facebook and Oculus friends from the People tab in Messenger.

Finally, Oculus is changing its fitness-oriented Move feature. It jumps to weekly workout goals instead of daily ones, which can be viewed in the updated calendar. By focusing on your long-term goals, you will now see revised suggested calorie goals and move the minutes. Plus, you’ll be able to post workout stats to Facebook, including groups, messenger, and timeline.

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