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Now Ring is requesting public requests from police looking for surveillance videos


Ring has made a significant change in how it plans to handle video requests from law enforcement agencies in the United States On June 7, the company will introduce a new category in its Neighbors app. It is through these posts that Ring will filter information and video requests from public security agencies. Going forward, the company says Ring users in the United States will not receive private emails from police and fire departments asking them to share videos of an incident.


Ring says it has guidelines to prevent overly broad requests. For example, agencies may only request footage within a 12-hour frame of an incident. Each must also contain a valid case number and the department’s contact information. The company will also allow you to plant posts to appear in your feed if you don’t want to see them. If you decide to respond to a request, you can share videos from one of your devices by tapping on the link in the post or contacting the agency directly. However, this new system makes sharing video from your Ring device into something that you are not automatically registered with by the company. Previously, Ring gave you the option of not hearing from the police, but only if you chose not to receive those requests through the Control Center introduced last year.


The caveat to all of this is that the Neighbors app is only available in the United States. And with today’s announcement, Ring is not changing how it handles police demands in other countries. Yet, it is a significant change for a society that has it cut short the controversy with its close police relations. Recently since the beginning of this year, it appeared Ring had no intention of limiting its collaborations with law enforcement when it emerged that the company had more than he doubled the number of police and firefighting partners he had in place.

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