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New look for Mario Kart Ride coming to Universal Studios

GIF: Universal Studios Hollywood

Join Another fast familyMario brothers (if you can call them that), and their friends on Mario Kart Bowser Challengethe upcoming attraction is due to open in Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023. Of course, Super Nintendo World is technically a racing vehicle. but it’s still Mario Kart with everyone shells and whistles.

This second version of the attraction joins the original, which opened at the first Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in 2021. and will also become a vast part of Universal’s Epic Universe. Universal Resort in Orlando with these its own section dedicated to the best franchises of the video game company. Here’s a preview video of what to expect soon the future of theme parks:

it not quite the same as horsemen see through augmented reality glassesbut the use of animation in this teaser to convey the 3D feel is still Kind of stupid but fun. Peach Breaking the Fourth Wall is a moment and vibe that we definitely look forward to on our trip. It’s clear,The whole thing will probably still be different when you’re actually at it with real effects and visuals that aren’t easy to capture for demo.-and If you spied any the trip-vlogs Universal Studios Japan, you’ll find out also just doesn’t justify the trip. You have to ride it to truly immerse yourself in the 3D environment, and we can’t wait.

We also can’t wait for the incredibly cute food (eg. below from Japan) and stores (Hollywood already has), which we hope will also open in 2023 along with the attraction.

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