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Netflix’s “League of Legends” trailer shows Jinx shooting, punching and crying


We’re waiting for Riot’s first animated show based on his game success League of Legends for a long time. After having a premiere date (and teaser) Earlier this year, we finally see our first extended trailer for the Netflix series, called Arcane. The clip was posted on the Netflix Geeked Twitter account as part of their GeekedWeek and focuses on the Jinx character, who will be the center of the show.

The video begins with Jinx walking into a gloomy, dilapidated structure where he sees a sort of plank and paraphernalia broken on the ground. The flashbacks show her furious training with a punching configuration, as well as fragments of interaction with her sister Vi as the emotional atmosphere grows towards a climax. Despite her super amputated fist action, she comes out of her rage trance and sees that she is placed second in the standings, just below Vi. Netflix’s Geeked tweet says “Nothing like a little sibling rivalry,” though, indicating that this relationship between Jinx and her sister will be central to the plot.


Netflix had already said that Arcane it will be located in “the utopian region of Piltover and the oppressed suburb of Zaun,” from where Jinx comes. The show will follow “the origins of two iconic League champions and the power that will tear them apart.”

We’ll also see more about what to expect from the series, and what other characters from the popular MOBA game might present. Arcane It will be previewed on Netflix this fall, so we may see more trailers from Riot and Netflix in the coming months.

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