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Netflix says its gaming push will begin with the phone


A report last week hinted at some of Netflix’s gaming ambitions. In its Q2 2021 earnings report, the company confirmed some things. First, Netflix says it will “be primarily focused” on the phone initially, looking to expand on its interactivity projects such as Black Mirror Bandersnatch and his Stranger Things games. Upcoming titles will be available at no additional cost as part of your submission and the company was clear that it will keep pace with movies and television.

“We see the game as another new category of content for us, similar to our expansion into original movies, animation and unwritten TV,” the company said in a letter to its shareholders.

2020 has been a big year for Netflix. With all blockchain at home and cinemas closed, the streaming service has attracted 16 million new customers in three months. As expected, in 2021 this pace is dramatically slowed down and new customer numbers continue to be a struggle. In its earnings report, the company says it gained 1.5 million subscribers in Q2, which was actually a little better than its expected mark of one million. However, it is lower than Q1 2021, which saw the company reach out to 3.98 new customers worldwide.


Netflix says it expects the addition of new customers to reach 3.5 million in Q3 2021, up from 2.2 million during the same three months a year ago. If it does so, the company explains that it would bring the new number of subscribers to 54 million in the last two years. The pace may be slow for Netflix, but overall it stays good. Revenues were still up 19 percent year-over-year from $ 7.3 billion for the quarter.

According to Netflix numbers, Shadow and Bone it’s been a popular series this neighborhood, streaming to more than 55 million “member families” in less than a month. The show has already been renewed for a second season based on these numbers. Sweet tooth, a series based on a DC comic, was broadcast by 60 million families the first month it became available. Series without writing as Too hot to handle and The Circle they were popular selections as well, as was true crime docuserie The Sons of Sam. In terms of movies, Zac Snyder’s Army of the Dead it affected 75 million families in the first month. Netflix also explained that The Mitchells Vs. The Machines it is now his largest animated film to date, streaming to 53 million families.

Netflix says COVID-related production delays have led to a “lighter” first half of 2021 in terms of content, but the pace will pick up throughout the rest of the year. The company’s Q3 line includes new seasons of The Papel House (Heist of money), Sex Education, Virgin River and Mai Mai Mai in addition to live action movies like Sweet Girl (Jason Momoa), Kissing Stand 3 and Kate (Maria Elizabeth Winstead). In addition, there is the animated film Alive, which will present new music by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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