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Netflix reclaims rights to a documentary on “Tinder Swindler”


Netflix has bought a documentary on “Tinder Swindler,” which tricked the women he met into the dating app to give them millions of dollars. The famous cun-man pretended to be the Russian oligarch Simon Leviev, the son of the Russian-Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev. He would take his victims – especially Scandinavian women – on private jet trips, stay with them in luxury hotels and treat them to expensive dinners. In truth, it is an Israeli man named Shimon Hayut, who fled twice to Europe to escape theft, counterfeiting and allegations of fraud in his country.

Online dating scams have been quite common in recent years, with artists using every available outlet to find potential victims. According to u FTC, losses from romantic scams reached a record $ 304 million last year. And it’s only because of American scams reported to the agency. The Tinder Swindler has hit headlines to live a jet set lifestyle, too, with previous victims funding their efforts to heal their current ones.


Hayut would spend months pretending to be in a relationship with her targets before starting to ask her for money, usually pretending to be struggling to ask for help from her current “friend”. Norwegian publication VG he spent six months following Hayut and got in touch with two of his most recent victims. One of the women he interviewed said she was going to take out a loan to help him and ended up being cheated by 2.1 Norwegian kroner ($ 244,000).

The Netflix documentary will be produced by the creators of Three Identical Aliens and Not F *** With Cats, both also available on the streaming platform. It will also be directed by Felicity Morris of Not F *** With Cats. Variety he says he will follow the women Hayut conned while “discovering his true identity and bringing him to justice.” The Tinder Swindler era arrested by Greek police in 2019 and was extradited to Israel but was released last year after only five months of a 15-month sentence. Half a year later, in December 2020, I would have taken it pretending to be a paramedic to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot first – and then posted a video of the event on Instagram.

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