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Netflix Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Trigger Goes 2077 Anime Trailer

Image from the anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

Image: Netflix

After the video game CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk 2077 became a bestseller (despite hiccups and bugs) last year, Netflix announced it would be producing an anime set in the same world as the first-person role-playing game. Although there were hints that show will, Netflix has finally released the first snippet of the show in action, which is spearheaded by some of the big names in anime.

In this super-violent trailer (and new clip), we see flashes of characters and setting, but not much of the story. With extra-bright colors reminiscent of game design and lots of shooting, the show visually feels like a cross between other cyberpunk graduates like Trigan, Blade Runner and 90s Ghost in armor.

Cyberpunk: Edge Runners produced by CDPR and studio trigger. Trigger developed her own style almost immediately when she released her original anime. Kill la kill in 2013 and was quickly drawn to adaptations such as Little Witch Academyhis critically acclaimed interpretation of Tsuburaya Gridman franchise in SSSS.GRIDMAN as well as CCCC.DINAZENONEand original episodes star Wars animated anthology visions. trigger also in charge of the 2019 anime film. Promareone of my favorite animated films of the 21st century. Edgerunners will lead PromareHiroyuki Imaishi, who directed visions outstanding short Gemini – and includes character designs from Little Witch AcademyYo Yoshinari. Based on based partly on the idea of ​​a story directly from CDPR, the script for the series comes from GridmanYoshiki Usa and Trigger co-founder Masahiko Otsuka, plus an original soundtrack by silent Hill legend Akira Yamaoaka.

According to the synopsis on Cyberpunk Web siteCyberpunk: Edge Runners tells a standalone 10-episode story about a street urchin trying to survive in a futuristic city obsessed with technology and body modification. He has something to lose and decides to stay alive by becoming an edge runner – a criminal mercenary, also known as cyberpunk.

Image for article titled Cyberpunk: Edgerunners' First trailer is short and edgy (and very colorful)

Image: Netflix

Cyberpunk: Edge Runners will be released in September 2022.

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