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Netflix and CD Projekt Red will host a ‘The Witcher’ convention on July 9th


The Wizard passionate, you may want to decline all invitations to hang on July 9th. Yes, it’s a Friday, but it’s also when Netflix and CD Projekt Red have a virtual The Wizard convention with events dealing with both games and live action series. The developer says that it will not be announcing a new game during WitcherCon, but you can expect a standard convention rate. There will be deep immersions in the creation of (in addition to behind-the-scenes footage for) not only the show and the games, but also the anime movie and franchise merch.

The convention also features interactive panels that put a spotlight on the people who brought the games and entertainment to life. In addition, there will be expert explorations of The Wizard Lore. WitcherCon broadcasts on Netflix and CD Projekt Red on YouTube and Twitch channels. The event will be available for streaming at 1PM ET on July 9, but there will be a second live streaming at 9PM with content unique to it.


In addition to announcing WitcherCon, Netflix has also released a trailer for The Wizard second season. While it’s only a few seconds long, it mocks Ciri’s story in season 2, which (unfortunately) doesn’t even have a release date.

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