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Neill Blomkamp, ​​director of District 9, helps make a new “AAA” game


District 9 director Neill Blomkamp has never been able to do that . However, Blomkamp still has a place in the world of video games after directing one . He now helps a studio called Gunzilla Games with its first game, a multiplayer shooter.

Blomkamp – who also directed Elissi, and the future Demonic – joined Gunzilla as a visionary officer, as well report. It will help guide the aesthetics of the game and provide input on aspects such as conception, audio and narration from a director’s perspective. He admitted that he has not worked before on the development of the game, so close collaboration with other key creatives for the project will be crucial.

The study was formed last year and employs experienced developers such as Crytek, Ubisoft and EA. The shooter, who is still largely underrated, might not be a one-off affair for Oscar nominee Blomkamp.


“The games will be […] they became what movies were in the 20th century, ”he said IGN. “They will be just the thing which is the dominant form of cultural entertainment and [I want] be in that. Mixing my story in visual effects and interest in 3D graphics means I want to have a home base in creating games for a real time. So if the game is a success and everything works out, I hope to stay at Gunzilla for a while. ”

Blomkamp joins a long line of notable and creative filmmakers from other media who have moved into games. Guillermo del Toro was appointed to direct the alongside Hideo Kojima, while George RR Martin helped create the world of . Steven Spielberg has also credited in several games. Along with that, he was creative director on a puzzle game called EA .

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