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NASA InSight captures a lonely Martian sunrise

InSight lander photographed in Sunrise April 10, 2022.

Mars lander InSight photographed strict Martian sunrise early this week. Probe calls Mars home since 2018 and received thousands Pictures during his time there and also collect some fascinating scientific data on the geology of the planet.

“I will never get tired of the sunrise on Mars,” writes InSight. official twitter account published. “Each morning, this distant dot rises higher in the sky, giving me energy for another round of listening to the rumble under my feet.”

Why is the Sun so important to InSight?

sunlight key to daily InSight activities (or better, once a week). The rover has two 7-foot wide solar panels with a power of about 3000 watts.hours per Martian day. InSight is so dependent on its solar panels that it has landed close to the equator to maximize the amount of light it can receive.

All this sunlight is feeding the planet research. In fact, InSight means “internal study using seismic surveys, geodesy and heat transfer.” It has kit tools designed for study the geological history and bowels of the planet.

First, InSight placed a seismometer on the Martian surface to detect any “marsquakes” that should allow Scientists will develop a three-dimensional model of the interior of Mars. His The radio system also sends precise data about the rotation and wobble of Mars back to Earth. InSight mission results may shed more light on how rocky inner planets withpolar withsystem formed.

how are youEasy mission coming?


InSight has been active on Mars for three years and 140 daysand he definitely hit a few snags. temperature probe, or Mole, was supposed to be the main part of the mission, but NASA had to sink the project after two years of unsuccessful excavation attempts.

Recentlysurplus dust settled on the solar panels, which prevented the entire mission in danger. On the other hand, it seems that power level stabilized. We hope that everything will continue successfully, at least December 2022, currently planned retirement for probe.

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