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Mixhalo will leverage 5G for low latency audio in live events


The live music industry stops by 2020 as most venues are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With concert halls and arenas at the last opening he returns for shows, Mix it up has announced two updates to its live audio technology event.

Mixhalo transmits the audio directly from the soundboard to the participants ’phones. The idea is that you get better sound quality when you listen to the show with headphones rather than through local speakers. It works in a similar way to performers using in-ear monitors. “We have a much clearer sound on the stage than what’s in public,” Mixhalo co-founder and Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger said in 2017.

The company has created a WiFi system that provides audio to low-latency concert devices. Now, Mixhalo works with an unnamed carrier to transmit audio to phones over 5G.


Meanwhile, Mixhalo Rodeo leverages existing venue configurations so that there is no need to add an overlay system. Mixalo also needs to install a server in the on-site server room, however.

Mixhalo CEO John Vars said TechCrunch that Rodeo “actually reduces network voltage since existing access points are now aware of Mixhalo traffic and can plan and buffer network data accordingly. If a site has installed a wireless system after 2015, they are likely to have the necessary hardware to support Rodeo in its place. ” The downtime brought on by the impact of COVID-19 has given Mixhalo the ability to refocus on its product and build these upgrades, as well as a way to “dynamically adjust latency based on physical position in the place “.

They are not just concerts where Mixhalo is in use. Some sports teams also exploit the system. Los Angeles Football Club announced plans by the end of 2020 to transmit the taste of audio on the field, play-by-play and Spanish-language radio to low-latency fan phones. The Sacramento Kings have it too associated with Mixhalo.

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