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Missing WhatsApp messages come to iOS

After releasing the feature on Android last month, Facebook has released WhatsApp media and self-deleting texts on iOS due to a new beta version, according to the WhatsApp information site WABetaInfo. If you sign up for beta version in Testflight, you will be able to send photos and videos that self-destruct as soon as they have been viewed and licensed. Users with access to the “view once” feature will see a dedicated button that looks like a stopwatch in the legend input field, as shown in the WABetaInfo screen captured below.


Unlike WhatsApp missing messages, which are deleted after seven days, photos and videos sent with the view once the mode disappears immediately after their locks. The sender will be notified when their media is viewed.

As well as WABetaInfo note, there is nothing preventing users from taking media screenshots and you will not be notified if a recipient has taken them. As a recipient, you cannot prevent the sender from being notified after the message is opened.

WhatsApp has promoted the feature as a way to encourage more authentic and intimate conversations. Parent Facebook he said before that you select features will be blocked by users who have not accepted their new shared privacy policy, but then backwards on this decision.

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