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Mike Flanagan’s next exciting adaptation

A little girl climbs a spiral staircase in a large library in the Netflix movie Haunting of the Hill.

Young Shirley (Lulu Wilson) climbs an eerie staircase in The ghosts of the house on the hill.
Photo: Steve Dietl / Netflix

The ghosts of the house on the hill and Ghosts of Bly Manor were so popular on Netflix that it was only natural that fans were expecting another release. And while in demand creator and director Mike Flanagan was busy (his last Netflix horror series, Midnight Mass, will be dropped next week), he is gone on record as another said Haunting the show is not at the top of its priority list. At the moment he got other projects to fill my time and not another ghostly adaptation borrowed from classical literature – but it is clearly do not exclude him for all eternity.

Conversation with Entertainment WeeklyFlanagan elaborated on his reluctance to return to the breakout streak, while emphasizing that Midnight Mass –which the does split multiple actors with House on the hill and Bly Manorthere will be no unexpected link to Haunting Peace“One of the things that determines Haunting “The anthology for me is that both of them are so far dedicated to updating existing classical literature and riffing to it,” he said. said. “Midnight Mass has always been so original, important and personal, it just never seemed like he would ever become a part of this universe … If the stars line up in such a way that we decide to return to Hauntingworld, there must be so many things on that track we created. It must be with the correct IP address, with the correct ghost-oriented story, and it must really match Bligh and House on the hill… “

As fans stories of ghosts and Flanagan’s approach to updating and expanding them, we immediately thought about what kind of adaptation we would like to see next. He fought Shirley Jackson with The ghosts of the house on the hill, and several different Henry James’s Tales Informed Bly Manor… So what will be the next “correct piece of IP”? Something of The Brontë sisters, like Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights, will definitely be in his wheelhouse. Flanagan turned director Doctor Sleep and Gerald’s game, also a famous fan of Stephen King, so this is another potential Haunting source (although King’s most famous works have already been adapted … and more than a few have even was adapted again). But we want to hear from you: iif you had a choice of library shelves, what kind Haunting title what would you most like to see Flanagan’s next capture? Mute the sound in the comments below!

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