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Microsoft may not ship Windows 11 updates to PCs with older processors

Microsoft may let you install Windows 11 on PCs with older processors, but that doesn’t mean you get all the features that newer machines have. The company told Facets that computers with unsupported processors are not “eligible” to receive Windows 11 updates and may not even receive driver or security updates. In other words, you may need newer hardware to keep your system secure.

We asked the company if it could comment on the way forward, but declined to provide details when Facets asked for details. The company previously said it would allow people to install Windows 11 ISOs on older processors to help companies test the new platform.

This would not be a completely unexpected move. Microsoft may run into legal problems if it offers updates for unsupported hardware – it may not want to subject your computer to a partial patch or make you believe you are guaranteed technical support. This approach allows the company to look after enthusiasts (who can install new ISO images instead of relying on patches) without increasing compatibility or creating other problems.

However, you will still get the worst treatment for Windows 11, and it is clear that Microsoft’s core message remains the same. The company wants you to use a relatively new Windows 11 PC, even if you have to wait until you can justify a PC upgrade.

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