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Microsoft begins public testing of Xbox Night mode

Don’t worry if you’re determined to play an Xbox game before dawn – these late-night activities will soon become easier for you. Facets Notes (edit) what does Microsoft have began public testing of Xbox Night Mode, which should make the game more comfortable after dark. This feature can dim the screen, power button and even controller backlight. An additional blue light filter can theoretically help reduce eye strain, and you can turn HDR off to avoid overly bright images.

You can manually toggle this feature if you like, but you can also schedule it either at a fixed time or automatically based on sunset and (if you play long enough) sunrise.

Xbox Night Mode is currently only available to testers in the early Alpha Skip-Ahead phase. It will take a while for the perk to get the debugged release. However, it will probably be appreciated. Night modes are easy to find on your PC and phone, but on consoles, you haven’t had the luxury yet. If all goes well, you will have a more stable performance at night, no matter which screen you are using.

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