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McLaren is the next big racing team to reach Extreme E.


Extreme E adds another major racing team to its off-road electrical connection. McLaren Racing has palisade which will join the second season of Extreme E in 2022. While McLaren has yet to select drivers, he noted that it would employ staff who were not in its Formula 1 program. The rules dictate a small team. in each given event with two pilots, an engineer and four mechanics.

McLaren is not shy about its goals. He sees Extreme E as a way to reinforce its broader “sustainability agenda,” not to mention equality (each team has a male and a female driver). He also sees it as an opportunity to “reach a new audience” with Extreme E’s unusual racing format.


The supercar manufacturer is far from a stranger to electric racing when it supported Formula E at the very initial stage, including the battery transmission unit for the first two seasons. It’s another matter of launching an EV racer under the company’s name, though – which signals a deeper commitment to all-electric motorsport, even if it’s partly for advertising.

Meanwhile, for Extreme E, it’s a significant victory. While it already has a few high-profile teams, including the recently added Lewis Hamilton X44, not many major automakers have launched their full weight behind the league – Cupra (a branch of Seat of VW) is about as big as it gets. McLaren will not necessarily lead to an influx of major car brands, but it will give Extreme E an extra level of credibility at a crucial time.

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