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McDonald’s just leaked confidential information from the VIP Monopoly competition

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Large companies often make random data errors, and McDonald’s is a glorious supplier of excess calories. to billions, is the latest culprit.

Last few dayss, the fast food franchise accidentally sent out emails containing database login information for its Monopoly VIP the game. Messages sent to recent winners of the UK version of the game for the purpose of paying out prizes.ption, could potentially allow recipients to loot the database to retrieve sensitive information.

V McDonald’s Monopoly Contest is a well-known sales promotion trick that allows customers to win prizes and money using codes found on purchases. Basically, when you buy any food at a McDonald’s restaurant, you have a chance to win a prize (for example, some money, vacation, jacuzzi or whatever).

Bleeping Computer reports that the database in question could potentially contain other winning prize codes, meaning that recipients could hypothetically use them to cash out unclaimed prizes (in addition to the one they have already won). It is unclear how many people received these emails, even though at least one person this guy, filmed a video about this on TikTok. For reference, see the screenshot of one of the emails below:

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Screenshot: Lucas Ropek / Twitter / Troy Hunt

The incident was brought to the attention of the public by Troy Hunt, a Microsoft employee and blogger behind “Have I been persuaded?, ”Contacted by one of the people who received the email. “Never trust a clown to protect your connection strings,” Hunt said. duly tweeted, according to the explanation of the incident. He also commented that since then, the company appears to have changed the public passwords, thereby limiting access.

We’ve contacted the fast food franchise to clarify the situation and will update this story if they come back to us.

To be sure, McDonald’s Monopoly has gone through much bigger scandals than this one. The American version of the lottery became the subject of an FBI investigation in the early 2000s, when the feds discovered a large-scale conspiracy to defraud the contest through employees of a subcontracting firm McDonald’s hired to promote it. The schema was the subject recent HBO documentary series, McMillions

And this is not the only data problem faced by Golden Arches. Earlier this year, the company had a much broader IT problem: data breach which disclosed the personal information of an unknown number of customers and employees in the Taiwan and South Korean markets, as well as some corporate information in the United States.

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