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Mattel RC Replica Pre-Sae, $ 500

The only good thing about Hollywood reimagines Batman every few years we get a new Batmobile every time. In Matt Reeve’s upcoming Caped Crusader movie, Batman will travel through Gotham in what more like a garage muscle car than a converted tank, and thanks to Hot Wheels, you will soon have the opportunity to test it.

Back in 2017, Mattel hit crowds at the New York Toy Fair opening two foot remote control Batmobile replica what would appear in Justice Leaguea film that would take on a life of its own but had not yet been released at the time. V Best Justice League Batmobile included a detailed list of features to justify its $ 250 price tag: moving turrets, rotating cannons, a camera in the cockpit for first-person driving and even the effects of smoke from the exhaust pipe as the engine rotates. We had a lot of driving pleasureand we’re delighted to see Mattel release an equally excellent RC replica Matt Reeve Batman Batmobile too.

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Image: Mattel

Hot Wheels R / C Batman The Batmobile is a 1:10 scale replica of the car depicted in the movie and measures 20 inches long, giving Mattel’s toy designers plenty of room for incredible detail. Only the engine (which is our friends at Jalopnik believe The Ford Triton V10, which is more commonly used in trucks and campervans) is a miniature masterpiece that uses water vapor and color-changing LEDs to create an effect as it moves, a backward reactive wave is emitted.

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Image: Mattel

The interior of the new Batmobile is also incredibly detailed, with illuminated instruments, a working steering and switch that moves precisely as the RC toy moves, and a six-inch detachable Batman figure that appears to actually control the vehicle when placed. in the front seat with steering wheel and switch.

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Image: Mattel

Hot Wheels R / C Batman The Batmobile even includes a booth inspired by the new Batman movie, with a car lift, glowing computer screens, and a full-fledged light and sound show that is activated by a miniature Bat-Signal spotlight. When fully charged The RC Batmobile can reach a top speed of up to 15 mph and run for about 20-25 minutes before being required to return to the Batcave for three hours. reload and it is controlled by a pistol grip type controller with a wheel used for steering.

Pre-orders are available via Mattel creationsand while you don’t have to be a millionaire playboy to afford one, you still have to shell out $ 500 for this remote control toy. If you’re so inclined pre-sale starts tomorrow, October 20th at 9 a.m. PT.

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