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Marvel Poster, Jeremy Renner, Haley Steinfeld

Haley Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner in a poster for the Marvel Hawkeye movie, with a dog next to them, and Christmas New York in the background.

Image: Marvel Studios

When Hawkeye of Marvel issues in exactly one month, Clint Barton Jeremy Renner will have a lot of problems. Trying to get back to his family after he continued killing in Avengers Endgame things get even worse when hailey steinfeld Kate Bishop appears with some pretty good archery skills and also dresses up as his Ronin personality and pisses off the gangsters. Already feeling that he needs to redeem, Clint tries to take her under his wing.

It’s not Christmas unless you’re getting shot at or trying to get your hands on tickets for the Captain America musical, but hopefully Clint’s pain and setbacks will make good television. For the occasion, Marvel’s released the show’s first official poster, which features both archers in their iconic outfits (okay, Kate’s iconic outfit, Clint, perhaps already in her fifth or sixth outfit), as well as a fan favorite. Pizza Dog. And he has a little Santa hat, because of course it does.

Avenging Marvel Archers will definitely have a lot of experience ahead of them during their miniseries. If the thugs weren’t enough, there’s also Elena Belova from Florence Pugh to kick Clint’s ass about it all. with a soul stone… We hope the archers get some help in the form of Maya Lopez of Alaca Cox, a deaf Indian girl who will eventually become echo superhero

Whatever happens in Hawkeyewe’ll almost certainly see more Bishop in the MCU. The miniseries Marieke Niikamp and Enid Balam will air in November, as well as her debut in the series. Avengers the game where she is quite interested in playing, Marvel invests in a young archer as it seems that Clint wants to get out of the game with the heroes.

Hawkeye of Marvel Coming November 24 via Disney +.

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