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Madame Xanadu from DC TV Series produced by JJ Abrams on HBO Max

Part of the cover for Madame X Vol.  11.

Part of the cover for Madame X Vol. 11.
Image: DC Comics

We can’t get one Film Gambit soon, but at least we have another human superman with a card: Madame Xanadu from DC Comics. True Blood writer and executive producer Angela Robinson is heading to HBO Max with a new TV series based on the immortal clairvoyant, with JJ Abrams serving as producer.

As reported in Due date, Abrams and Robinson join forces to develop a series called Madame X, based on Madame Xanadu (aka Nimue). U DC character is inspired the Arthurian legend was conceived by Michael William Kaluta in 1978 with his early story worked by David Michelinie. This is the latest TV project in Abrams ’current deal with Warner Bros. TV, which includes a string of included DC projects Justice League Dark (which could very well present Madame Xanadu) and a new one Superman film by Ta-Nehisi Coates who will present a Black Superman. Robinson is hardly a stranger to comic book stories; he has written before and directed events vaguely based on truths Professor Marston and the wonderful women and he also wrote On the Web for DC.

Over the years, Madame Xanadu has gone through many incarnations (like most comic characters) but was originally stripped of her powers – levitation, teleportation and the ability to see the future. through tarot cards – by Merlin, and he continued to have a child who was an ancestor of none other than John Constantine. Along the way he had several adventures with other magical DC characters, made a deal with Neron for his soul, and was blind for a while because he was acting out of the powerful Specter adviser. He previously made a live-action appearance in short life Swamp thing (played by Jeryl Prescott) on DC Universe (now HBO Max).

You may remember there is also a new outlet Constantine coming from Abrams, so the opportunity for crossovers is ripe. This character has been played by Matt Ryan in recent years Legends of Tomorrow before his own series on NBC. Would you like to see Ryan continue this trend and who could see playing Madame Xanadu?

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