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Lucasfilm hires youtuber who used deepfake to improve The Mandalorian

Luke Skywalker’s CGI depiction of the character. Mandalorian The cameo was met with a lot of criticism, and fans even tried to fix the scene with various tools and programs. One of these fans did so well that Lucasfilm hired to him to ensure that his upcoming projects do not contain impressive aging and facial visuals. This fan is a YouTuber known as Shamuk, who uses deepfake technology to enhance bad CG effects and put actors in shows and movies they’ve never done.

In the comments section of the video, in which Christian Bale is replaced by Robert Pattinson as Batman in Christopher Nolan’s film Shamuk. wrote that he joined Lucasfilm / Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) a few months ago. When asked what his role in the company was, he said his official title was Senior Face Capture Artist. The studio has confirmed rental from Indiewire, informing the publication that he is always on the lookout for talented artists. The spokesman said in a statement:

“Over the past few years, ILM has invested in both machine learning and artificial intelligence as a means of delivering compelling visuals, and it has been amazing to see this field gain momentum as technology advances.”

In addition to working on a deepfake version of Luke in Mandalorian, he also forged Tarkin and Leia’s appearances Rogue One… Shamuk’s videos don’t always show the most realistic results, but great ones like Luke’s do look impressive. Lucasfilm could use its technical know-how to ensure that outdated characters and CG faces no longer lead us right into the eerie valley.

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