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Locke & Key Netflix: Season 1 Trailer 2

The boy, who is actually a demon, threatens the girl, who could also be a demon, with a sharp object in this scene from Locke & Key.

Eden Hawkins (Hallea Jones) and Gabe, who is not really Gabe (Griffin Gluck), in Locke and the key second season.
Photo: Amanda Matlovich / Netflix

V second season from Netflix’s Locke and the key is on its way, and the first trailer promises an even darker twist for Keeper of the keys

After the events of the first season, Dodge (Lysla De Oliveira) returns in a new trailer, still obsessed with using the power of the keys hidden in the Locke estate and wreaking havoc in a mortal world, unaware of the existence of magic. The Locke family guarding the keys is unaware that Gabe (Griffin Gluck), Kinsey Locke’s (Emilia Jones) boyfriend, is actually Dodge in disguise, plotting to use their relationship to their advantage.

By the end Locke and the keyIn the first season, the siblings decided to stay in Matheson and learn how to use the keys, rather than be afraid of their power and just wait for Dodge to show up with the Crown of Shadows to kill them. In the new season, the Omega Door and its corresponding key will once again become part of the story, in which Kinsey and her brothers Tyler (Connor Jessup) and Bod (Jackson Robert Scott) team up to keep the door closed and defeat anyone. trying to free the demons trapped behind him.

Locke and the keyco-showrunner Meredith Averill teased that in the second season of the show, the Locke realizes their status as the last Keeper of the Keys, and will also struggle with the reality that they are all growing and quickly approaching the age when they, like all adults, will forget about magic. The trailer’s somber tone, and the hint that Dodge intends to kill many more people in pursuit of evil, definitely indicates that the new season lives up to Averill’s word, but what remains to be seen is whether the narrative changes to the story will continue. eventually.

Locke and the key also starred Darby Stanchfield, Aaron Ashmore and Sherri Som. The second season of the show will air on Netflix on October 22.

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