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Lobbying groups support climate regulation, not a Democratic bill

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What NAM Says About Climate Change: “Manufacturers are leaders in everything from climate change To increasing diversity and inclusion in a team “, a group that manufacturing lobbyists, says Press release in July on environmental, social and corporate performance position.

But that’s not all they said. In a report released in January, when President Joe Biden settled in the White House, the group noted that Manufacturers are committed to acting responsibly in helping maintain a clean and healthy environment. We owe this to the people and communities we serve, our customers around the world, and the millions of men and women who make products in America. ”


NAM’s response to the budget bill: Trade group commissioned a whole study to advance the idea that the corporation tax bill would stunt growth and cost America jobs. Because yes, I’m sure the workers are the ones who are worried about NAM.

“It cannot be denied that this tax plan creates fewer jobs for American workers,” said Arik Newhouse, senior vice president of the group for policy and government affairs, in a statement. “We know from experience that competitive tax rates stimulate job creation, higher wages and investment in communities.” Yeah

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