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LinkedIn releases new AI tool to help build your profile

LinkedIn uses generative AI to streamline the process of writing job listings, filling out resumes and updating your profile, the company announced on Wednesday. The new feature will look like ChatGPT and the company stated in Press release that it will “open opportunities” and “elevate your career”.

The AI ​​option will provide suggestions in the About section and Headline section of each profile, taking on the role of a user who would otherwise likely spend enough time trying to best describe their accomplishments. Although new AI tool designed to streamline the writing processthe company still recommends reading the generated information and checking it to make sure it matches the intended theme and style.

LinkedIn is testing an artificial intelligence tool with premium followers made up of “some of LinkedIn’s most active members,” a LinkedIn spokesperson said in an email to Gizmodo. She added that members “can provide feedback as we continue to iterate and evolve the tool” and will continue to roll out to the remaining premium user base over the next few months.

For premium subscribers posting job ads, the company will also make it easier to write and upload job descriptions. The process is billed as fairly simple, requiring the user to provide basic job information, including job title and company name. The AI ​​tool will then generate a job description based on the provided hints and allow the user to view and edit it before posting the job listing.

Tomer Cohen, Chief Product Officer of LinkedIn, said in a press release, “I’m excited to introduce new AI-driven experiences using the most advanced GPT OpenAI models as we continue to look for ways to create more value for our contributors and customers.”

Cohen said the company is introducing a surprise addition to the company’s AI news, saying the site will now offer more 100 AI classes. The classes will be available to all LinkedIn users for free until June 15, 2023 and will include What is Generative AI, Introduction to Operational Design for Generative AI, Introduction to Conversational AI, and Cohen’s course. , Generative AI for Business Leaders.

A spokesperson for LinkedIn said the courses will remain “available and free to anyone, whether you subscribe to LinkedIn Learning or even have a LinkedIn profile.” However, after the period ends, classes will still be available to LinkedIn Learning subscribers and will be included in the Premium subscription.

Cohen confirmed in a press release that the company will also roll out 20 additional generative AI courses to help users “stay one step ahead and acquire the skills needed to succeed in today’s job market,” and said that LinkedIn will continue to learn and grow. and use artificial intelligence and other technologies depending on the needs of the user.

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