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Linen – the fabric of summer due to climate change


Linen top Olivia from Two Days Off.

Designer Gemma Swatek, who created the Lykke Wullf brand, went to college to study the environment, but later moved on to fashion design. However, she now finds herself constantly thinking about her surroundings when she sews clothes.

“When it comes to design, I definitely take the weather and climate into account,” she said. “I live in Los Angeles. It gets hotter and hotter every summer. Last year I thought:oh god i so damn hot ‘ and then I thought:Next year I need to make the most loose and comfortable clothes. “

The heat was a big inspiration for her recent summer 2021 collection, which has a lot of linen. She finds him breathable and he likes the way he is carried away from the body.

“For the last couple of years I have been more interested in linen fabric, and I think the heat is part of it, ”she said. “I made a bra out of it, but we also made a loose fit. long sleeved linen shirts … because I want to stay cool, but I am walking and my skin is burning. “

USA just completed hottest June on record, West fried unrelenting heat all summer. In weather like this, no one wants to wear tight sweaty fabrics. Instead, we are all looking for moisture-wicking, lightweight clothing. Bed linen meets all the requirements. Linen fibers made from flax stems are larger and fabrics tend to have a more open weave to allow more air to pass through. It’s not just this summer. Wool was everywhere over the past couple of years. And as our planet heats up further, it could be the fabric of the era

Gina Stovall, a climatologist who is also a designer for Two Days Off, also uses a lot of linen and other natural fabrics in her designs. She noted that they are not only breathable. but also look presentable without ironing.

“With the types of natural fabrics that I use … I don’t need serve them as much as possible, ”she said. “I don’t want to spend extra time ironing and stuff like that and it gets even hotter.”


Compared to other fabrics, linen also has a rather small ecological footprint. Unlike synthetic fibers such as polyester, which are made from fossil fuels that pollute greenhouse gases are made entirely from plants. Flax also requires much less water grow than cotton. And aesthetically, the fabric looks presentable, but not too trendy, which is in line with how people want to dress in the heat.

“I think the weather has made things more casual in a way,” said Christopher Kunz, co-founder of clothing brand Nicholas K. “It’s warm outside, whatever the event, I don’t want to be in a fat suit. I don’t want to be in a tight shirt. I want to wear something that is fluid, comfortable and not restricting movement. “

Luke Wulff's tank with yarrow

Linen fabric wrinkles easily – linen fiber has no natural elasticity, so when pushed into a certain position, they keep the folds in place. For this reason, my mom doesn’t wear it. But these days our addiction to casual wear can also make people worry less about these disadvantages. Clothes may look casual and not perfect.

“My goal is always look amazing, but be very comfortable and relaxed and be able to do whatever I want in my clothes at any time, ”Svatek said.

If you’ve bought a lot of lingerie this summer, you’re clearly not alone. And don’t worry – you don’t have to remove it if you fall.

“Everyone thinks that linen is a summer fabric. But this textile is my favorite because it is very versatile. It wicks away sweat in hot weather, but also helps insulate you when it’s cold outside.Stovall said.

In a changed climate peace, it never hurts to be prepared for extremes on either end of mercury

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