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LG TVs will soon gain dedicated support for Facebook’s TV Portal

Facebook webcam TV portal it mounts to your existing TV to provide an immersive video calling experience in apps like Messenger and Zoom, provided you’re willing to enable social networking in your living room. Now, LG has facilitated the installation of one in its webOS-powered TVs with a new firmware update, the company said. announced.

LG TVs cannot handle Portal TV alone. However, with the latest webOS 6.0 firmware, you just need to insert one into the HDMI port and it will detect and display a popup warning (as shown below), allowing quick access from the webOS home screen or panel. . From here, you can control the Portal TV app directly from LG’s Magic Remote without the need to scan your Portal TV remote.


You can make video calls on Facebook’s own Messenger and WhatsApp apps, as well as Zoom, Workplace and GoToMeeting for business or personal camcorders. Portal TV’s smart camera will automatically pan and zoom to follow around the room, or widen the view to accommodate new participants. The smart sound feature increases your voice while minimizing background noise.

You may not be crazy about the idea of ​​a Facebook camera in your home, but it could be useful for seniors or technophobes who find it difficult to make video calls on PC or smartphone. LG’s latest update could help in this regard, making it easier for such people to get it up and running without help.

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