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Lego Mandalorian Forge, Blitzway Voltron & More Toy News


Hasbro's Plasma Series Ghostbusters: The Afterlife Bill Murray, the Mandalorian Lego gunsmith, and the Voltron Blitzway.
Image: Hasbro, Lego, Blitzway

Welcome back to Toy passageio9 regularly collects the coolest toys we’ve seen on the internet this week. We have Lego going back to Mandalorian, old favorites return to Ghostbusters, some very cute cards Uno, and Hasbro once again hacked the toy “build your own lightsaber”. Check it!

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Lego Star Wars: The Mandalorian Mandalorian gunsmith’s forge

How glad we are to see Mandalorian being highlighted in other series, we will gladly exchange Boba Fett’s book for a series about the Gunsmith, who not only cracks down on raw beskar, but also on stormtroopers. The new pack will not be officially available until September 1st, but you can make a reservation today for $ 30, which will be hard to resist if you try to collect as many Mandalorian minifigures as possible. IN Set of 258 pieces Includes not only the blazing forge and all the tools needed to craft beskar armor, but the Gunsmith herself, as well as the jetpack version of Dean Jarin and the heavily armored Pass Vizsla.

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Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Ghostbusters: Life After Death Ghostbusters Series Plasma Figures

WITH The recent trailer is causing more excitement Hasbro Sequel Has Finally Released Gateways Ghostbusters: Life After Death toys. We showed a few of them earlier this weekbut not the new 6-inch Ghostbuster Plasma Series figures, which will feature realistic face shapes, lots of articulation, detailed accessories, and some great paints. The roster will consist of six figures, including new players: Trevor, Podcast and Lucky, as well as three returning favorites: Winston, Peter and Ray. Available later this fall, closer to the release of the movie, the $ 25 figurines also come with a Build-A-Ghost piece that can be used to assemble the Sentinel Terror Dog.

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Hasbro star Wars Lightsaber Forge

As iconic like lightsabers Luke and Obi-Wan, a big part of becoming a Jedi (or Sith) is building your own lightsaber. Hasbro has already released a variety of DIY lightsaber kits, but its new Lightsaber Forge lineup, due out this fall, includes several custom lightsaber designs that are sold as standalone weapons but have parts and blades that can be mixed and matched. between themselves. Their price ranges from $ 15 for an entry-level lightsaber to $ 20 for a Dark Saber from Mandalorian, up to $ 40 for Darth Maul’s double-sided lightsaber, and each includes a glowing blade powered by AA batteries rather than Cyber ​​Crystals.


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Good Smile Figma R-Type Final 2 Replicas R-13A Cerberus and RX-10 Albatross

Unlike iconic spaceships from movies like Millennium falcon what we’ve seen inside and out, it’s hard to admire the pair of tiny ships from the shooting space video game that appear relatively tiny on screen. At least that’s what we thought before looking at these four-inch cues from R-13A Cerberus and RX-10 Albatross ships from R-Type Final 2… Both just ooze fantastic detail and include display stands and enhanced weapon accessories, making the $ 120 per pair even higher. You have until at least 2022 to make the irresponsible decision to pre-order the kit.

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Image: Blitzway

5Pro Studio x Blitzway series “Carbotix” Voltron

We don’t need the temptation of yet another transforming Voltron figure, but to resist the coming 5Pro Studio x Blitzway series “Carbotix” Voltron given the incredible level of articulation that the figure is capable of, while still disassembling and transforming into five equal robot lions… Do you think you can resist? Each lion also has battery-powered LED eyes, tiny pilots in the cockpits, stands to display each lion in flight, and a variety of accessories for a fully assembled Voltron, including a sword, shield, spear, and even alternative interchangeable facial expressions. … Pricing and availability haven’t been revealed yet, which is probably a good thing, so you can drool over a photo and imagine it’s within your budget.

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Mattel UNO Artiste Series: Shapard Fairey Partnership

Probably best known for his iconic President Barack Obama poster “HOPE”, Shepard Fairey a street artist and graphic designer who is also responsible for those who “OBEY»The stickers you see glued to the poles of street lamps, with the imposing silhouette of Andre the Giant’s face. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UNO card game, Mattel has teamed up with Fairey for another special edition, the Artiste Series, which features individual, illustrated artwork by the artist on both sides of the cards, and some cards can be rearranged to create even larger sizes. pieces. Shepard Fairey x UNO decks are now available at for $ 20.

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