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LeBron James seems to have a pair of unpublished Beats headphones

Newer versions of macOS and iOS have provided one preview in advance of the first truly wireless Beats headphones, and from the looks of things, LeBron James couldn’t wait to try out a couple of the Beats Studio Buds. MacRumors it’s been all over the in-ear wireless, and indicates an Instagram post from today showing James carrying a grill and a couple of curiously familiar bowls.

Quality makes an definitive answer impossible, but judging by the shape they are a good match for images and videos that are already filtered, and also for what we’ve seen from the FCC information. Add in the fact that LeBron James has been a supporter and promoter of Beats for a long time before Apple bought it – including the entire 2008 Olympic men’s basketball team $ 350 Beats headphones have provided a significant marketing boost – and things are getting even clearer.

If James sticks to his model, we’ll probably have our first look at the sprouts when Kyle Kuzma or Frank Vogel start sporting some good season-long gifts later in the NBA playoffs.

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