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Krypto, Ace the Bat-Hound, Streaky, and More

Batman and Robin # 4

Batman and Robin # 4
Image: DC Comics

Although Batman had a lot of ownership Ace the Bat-Hound in the Silver Age, when it came time to give the Dark Knight a new canine companion afterwards Flashpoint, was a Great Dane who Damian called Titus afterwards Titus Andronicus, the most famous Shakespeare play for its graphic and gratuitous violence. This is strange, but it makes it even stranger that Bruce gave Titus to Damian because he wanted to teach his son how to empathize and care for others. You see, Damian had been raised as a remorseful murderer convinced of his own superiority by his mother Talia al Ghul, and Bruce was too emotionally stunted to do the job. Luckily, the plan worked and Titus remained the emotional support animal of Damian, a member of the Bat family, as well as a new member of the League.

And yes, five Super-Animals to get tied for first place. They are all the best. I’m sorry.

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