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Klipsch’s latest soundbar offers passsthrough 8K HDR and Dolby Atmos


Klipsch has a reputation for resilient soundbars in the future, and this is certainly true of its latest models. The audio veteran has launched four new soundbars titled by the tech-friendly Cinema 1200 (above) is Cinema 800 (below). The 54-inch and 48-inch bars respectively offer 8K HDR passsthrough and decoding for 7.1.4-channel Dolby Atmos, not to mention a WiFi connection that supports Alexa, Google Assistant and Spotify Connect. You’ll find a couple of extra HDMI inputs on each bar to help your home theater expand, too.

The differences, as might be expected, come down to raw power. The Cinema 1200 spreads its homonymous 1,200W of power into a 5.1.4-channel system with a 12-inch wireless subwoofer, while the Cinema 800 is a simple 3.1-channel rig with a 10-inch wireless sub.



The two sound bars are available now, with the Cinema 1200 selling for $ 1,699 and the 800 going to a more modest price of $ 879.

There are a couple of options for modest installations and smaller TVs. The 45-inch Cinema 600 offers 3.1-channel audio with a 10-inch wireless sub and supports modern basics like Dolby Audio, Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC for $ 499. If you need just the essentials, the Cinema 400 from 40 inches provides 2.1 channel sound with an eight-inch wireless sub, Dolby Audio, Bluetooth and HDMI-ARC. It sells for $ 299.

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