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Kia 2021 Niro EV adds technological advantages while keeping the price down


Car manufacturers are loved raising prices with nine years of models, especially for technology-laden electric models, but Kia seems determined to reverse the trend. Electrek note which Kia has introduced a 2021 refresh of the Niro EV with a number of technology upgrades, but the same starting price of $ 39,090 per trim EX that you saw for the 2020 model. Even the upgraded EX Premium is only $ 60 more expensive at $ 44,650.

These are the updates you will notice as well. The Niro 2021 now includes Apple CarPlay wireless and Android Auto. You can also start at a distance to help you warm up or cool down. A door-based rear occupant alert is now standard, and driver assistance has been expanded to include a departure alert for major vehicles, assistance with highway driving and cruise control based. in navigation.


You probably won’t have a touch of regret if you bought last year’s model. However, the 2021 update makes the Niro more attractive if you want more comfort. We already thought the Niro was one of the most practical electric vehicles on the market with its spacious design, efficiency and driver assistance included – this is just one more compelling case for the zero-emission crossover.

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