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Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Uber Founder in Showtime Series

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Fresh off playing a disgusting pro on Netflix The Chicago Trial 7, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will lend his talents to portray former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick in a new Showtime series by the creators of Billions.

Variety announced the news of the casting Monday, saying the show will be based on the book by New York Times reporter Mike Isaac Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber, and “will represent the upstart transportation company’s roller coaster ride, embodying the ups and downs of Silicon Valley.”

Your mileage may change, but I think this is inspired by the casting. He looks a bit like Kalanick in the way that a Hollywood actor is able to look like an average person. And like the Uber founder, JGL is very annoying. It hasn’t always been that way, the guy can act. But its reach often exceeds its prey.

The point at which I turned against Gordon-Levitt is when he tried to pull off a ridiculous French accent in 2015. The Walk. We can’t blame all the shortcomings of that film on its lead actor but his excessive energy is without a doubt his central problem.

Gordon-Levitt’s ego is also part of the reason why we don’t even have a film adaptation of it Sandman comics. After directing a movie a little press on guy who goes out with Scarlett Johansson and is addicted to masturbating, JGL thought he could pull off directing one of the most difficult to adapt comics here. Reader, he was not capable.

In addition, Gordon-Levitt is perfectly suited for the role because he is himself a startup founder. Remember HitRecord? It was a website where JGL posted videos of themselves vlogging or something and encouraged other people to post videos of themselves vlogging or something. Like Uber, it always exists whether someone wants it or not.

All that being said, I’m super pumped for this show. U Billions people know how to write a corporate sleazeball like anyone and Gordon-Levitt will get under our skin in just the right ways.

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