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Jill, Leon and Nemesis from Resident Evil come to ‘Dead by Daylight’

it’s practically the horror version of Fortnite, at least in terms of crossovers. In five years DBD has been around, Behavior Interactive has added horror icons including Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Ash from Evil Die, and . For his next chapter, DBD pulls from another classic horror franchise: Resident Evil.

Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine joined the formation of survivors. There will also be a new assassin in the form of Nemesis (who will be known as The Tyrant). Nemesis can use a tentacle for a ranged attack. If they hit a survivor with it, they become infected with the T-Virus. The more Nemesis infects survivors, the stronger it becomes as the range of its tentacle increases. Infected survivors cough too and it is easier for Nemesis to find them. Survivors can vaccinate the T-Virus with vaccines spread across the cards.

Nemesis will also be able to kill zombies to attack survivors. They are the first AI-powered enemies to join and offer players a new challenge. Zombies can infect survivors with the T-Virus as well.

To not be completely overwhelmed, Jill and Leo bring new skills (or advantages) to the game. Jill can land mines on generators that explode when the assassin tries to sabotage them. Leon, meanwhile, can generate flashbangs on paper, which can be used to distract or temporarily blind the killer.

Along with Nemesis, Jill and Leon, a fresh card is on the way. It is based on the Raccoon City Police Department from the and redo. Because the team was focused on the upgrade Died to dayVisually, this will be the first new map from last June.

The DLC package for the Resident Evil chapter will be available on June 15, that is Died to dayfifth anniversary. It will cost $ 12. You can too the chapter on current

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