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Jason Momoa praises Dune’s Denis Villeneuve in a video with love


Actor Jason Momoa screams into the sky during the filming of Dune.

Several weeks ago, Jason Momoa released a private behind-the-scenes video for his fight scenes under the ludicrously named Duncan Idaho v Dune… It was a cute video that highlighted Momoa’s enthusiasm as a physical actor, so it should come as no surprise that he released a second video. And it’s all about the man behind the camera, the director Denis Villeneuve… He really really loves him guys.

“Every moment on set with Denis is amazing,” says Momoa, opening the video. “It’s just an honor, I can’t believe I’m doing this movie.” Tuned into soft piano keys, Momoa has nothing but good words to say about his experience on set. The entire video is awe-inspiring as the actor recalls how Villeneuve viewed him as Duncan, as a character, as a child. At some point, he just screams “FUCK YES!” like a teenager in the sky before being embraced by the director. This is … very Jason Momoa.


We hope that Momoa’s video will bring relief to his fans, given the toxic environment that allegedly took place during Joss Whedon time for Justice League. When Ray Fisher made allegations of the behavior of the director, Momoa stood next to comments from his colleague, which said that “serious things went wrong.” This needs to be investigated. ” Obviously this was not the case for Zach Snyder version of the film, and it’s good to see that trend repeating itself here. These are carefully curated views of the film, of course, but Momoa doesn’t seem like the person who would release it if things were really bad. Let’s hope he has more directors to work with in the future. films of the futureand releases videos in which he expresses his love for them.

Dune will hit HBO Max and in theaters October 22.

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