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Jabra’s Elite 85t wireless headphones are $ 50 off now

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We’ve long been fans of Jabra’s real wireless headphones, and now you can pick up the latest model for $ 50 less. U Jabra Elite 85t the headphones have dropped to $ 180 on Amazon and Best Buy, and this is 22 percent of its normal price and a return to an all-time low. All three color options are also on sale, so you can choose between black, titanium black and gold beige.

Buy Jabra Elite 85t on Amazon – $ 180 Buy Jabra Elite 85t at Best Buy – $ 180

These headphones came out last fall and we gave them one score of 86 for its comfortable design, powerful active noise cancellation and good battery life. While slightly larger than the Elite 75t, the 85t remains lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. And the added weight isn’t for nothing – Jabra had to make room for the components needed to cancel the rum (and the speakers are even bigger).

These gems have a dedicated chip that allows the company’s Advanced Active Noise Cancellation, which allows you to adjust the amount of your environment you want to block. Using the Sound + companion app, you can change the noise cancellation level via sliders, and you can also adjust the ambient sound (which Jabra calls HearThrough). The noise cancellation on these speakers is against Bose and Sony, although the overall sound quality is just above average.

The 85t should last between five and a half and seven hours on a single charge, depending on how long you have activated the ANC. Their charging case contains an additional 25 hours of soaking, so you should cover them even on your longest days. The case is also compatible with wireless chargers, so you don’t need to have a USB-C cable on hand if you have a few Qi pads throughout your home.

Consider the Jabra Elite 85t to be some of the best wireless headphones you can get it right away. His predecessors, u Elite 75t, enriched to be our favorite pair only because they are cheaper at $ 150 and also support ANC thanks to a firmware update that Jabra released shortly after the 85t. But it’s hard to argue with the latest pair of Jabra wireless headphones when they’re on sale for $ 180.

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