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It is said that the battery of the iPhone 13 is up to 18% bigger … Just in time


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The rumors of the iPhone 13 keep up streaming in. Apple’s prognosis, Ming-Chi Kuo, hinted recently bigger batteries were coming, but it seems we now have an idea of how much bigger.

Reliable speaker L0vetodream (via 9 to 5 Mac) tweeted some specs revealing that the iPhone 13 line is expected to reach between 8% and 18% increase in battery capacity. Apple doesn’t say what battery it uses, but based on iFixed teardowns, we know that the iPhone 12 Mini has a 2.227mAh battery, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have a 2.815mAh battery, and the 12 Pro Max has a 3.687mAh battery. According to L0vetodream, the iPhone 13 mini will get one It increases 8% to 2,406mAh, the 13 and 13 Pro will get a 10% bump to 3,095mAh, and the 13 Pro Max will get an 18% increase to 4,352mAh.

Larger batteries will be courtesy of new more space-efficient designs such as the integration of the SIM card slot with the main board and the reduction of the thickness of the front optical modules. Generally, larger battery capacities translate into longer battery life — although there are certain circumstances where that might not be the case. However, the iPhone 12 line not only had a smaller battery capacity than the iPhone 11 line, but they also had larger screens. Adding 5G on top of that didn’t even help. The result has been a shorter battery life compared to the iPhone 11 line, with the 11 Pro Max beat by hand every version of the iPhone 12.


Apple’s enhanced battery capacity could also indicate that the iPhone 13 will introduce more features that lack power. For example, rumors have hinted at the possibility of an ever-on display, 120Hz. Newer versions of iOS are also likely to feature new features that zap battery life. So far, iOS 14 has already had a few issues with the battery discharge. While excessive drainage reported after the IOS 14.2 update seemed to be limited to older phones, the latest 14.6 update is also blames the latest phones, including the iPhone 12 line. Users in the Apple Support Community, and MacRumors foru, and even Twitter they reported overheating during simple activities such as web browsing and battery drain faster than normal during the night.

After all, more milliamp hours isn’t the only arbiter of a device’s longevity, but it’s hard to complain about the iPhone 13 line with larger batteries. However, if you believe other rumors, a better battery might as well it is not enough to save the iPhone Mini.

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