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Instagram works on a paid Stories subscription feature

Instagram has confirmed that it is working on a new feature called “Exclusive Stories”. Since June 21, images of the Offshoot Stories have been circulating online following the software developer Alessandro Paluzzi shared on Twitter that they had found references to the feature in Instagram’s code base. Wednesday, the company said TechCrunch the screenshots show an internal prototype working behind the scenes. Unfortunately, Instagram didn’t reveal any other details about the project, noting that it had nothing more to share when Engadget approached.

But what we can gather from the screenshots is that the feature is Instagram taking on paid Twitter Super Follow subscription. When regular users stumble upon an Exclusive Story, Instagram will tell them “only members” can view the content. It also seems that society prevents people from trying to screenshot what they see. At the same time, it will push creators to save their Exclusive Stories in a Highlight so that new members have something to see as they subscribe.

As with any intuition that comes courtesy of someone who finds early references to a new feature, there is a possibility that Instagram may never release the found Paluzzi feature. But the images clearly show how society thinks about how it can invite creators to stay on the platform. If it means adapting a feature from one of its rivals, then so be it. Facebook and Instagram have fact that many times in the past.

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