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Instagram offers users more control over “sensitive content” on the Explore tab


The Explore tab can feel like the Wild West at times. The feed shows recommended posts from accounts you don’t follow, but you never really know what you’ll see. It could present a photo, video or this is potentially distressing – even if it doesn’t break the rules of the platform.

To mitigate it, Instagram is a Sensible Content Control option. The goal is to let you choose how much sensitive content you see in the Explore feed, and which gives you more control over how you use Instagram. You can adjust the filter by going to Application Settings, then tapping Account and Sensitive Content Control.

You can decrease the number of sensitive posts in the Explorer feed by choosing “Limit even more”. You can also disable the filter by changing from the default option “Limit” to “Allow” (that option will not be available for users under 18, however). You can change the setting at any time.



Among the Instagram content types they are representations of violence (even if they eliminate graphic violence). “Sexually explicit or suggestive” posts are also considered sensitive, as are photos or videos showing someone in see-through clothing – the platform does not allow posts that contain nudity or sexual activity.

If you have sensitive content filter enabled, Instagram can also block posts that promote the use of certain regular items to appear in the Explore feed. Those products include adult products and services, tobacco and vaping products and pharmaceutical drugs. Instagram retains most of the content related to the sale or business.

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