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Instagram now shows the creators how far they are going with their live videos and Reels

Instagram users with business and creator accounts can access various metrics called intuitions that show them how their posts are doing. Now, the social network gives you access to even more data by launching insight for Reels and Live Video. While live video has been available on the platform for a while now, Weather in Mulinelli it’s a fairly new feature addition: Instagram launched last year after months of testing, giving users a alternative to TikTok which stays in the app itself.

With the new on-site insight data, users will be able to see how many plays, likes, comments, saves and share their Reel videos in correct form and how many accounts they get. For live videos, the insights page will show the number of comments and actions they get, the number of accounts they get and their top competing viewers.


In addition, Instagram has updated the Account Insights page, which is accessible via the pull-down menu in the upper right corner, with more useful information. Its Reach section now divides accounts that interact with a user’s content into followers and non-followers. In addition, it classifies content based on the scope and interaction of the account type to give users an idea of ​​what is most effective for their audience.

Instagram will start launching new default time frame options on the Insights page over the next few months, so users can filter the data in different ways by viewing numbers for the last 7 or 30 days. Finally, users will be able to access in-depth data on the desktop in the near future. Instagram promises more updates to the feature throughout the year, however, to help companies looking to grow their audience and engage their followers.

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